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Our Company

Established in 2020, SM Srimuang, it is a joint venture between 4 companies with potential in various fields that support each other. Be determined to build a rubber glove factory and produce brand "Srimuang Glove" to export to the world market, generate income, create jobs for the province and Thailand.

We strive to meet the needs of our customers in all respects. Both customers who only want to buy products And customers who want to joint venture or produce your own brand To meet the needs of the most customers.

Our Factory

We are a factory that transforms production platforms, builds new factory and using modern machines which produced in the current production line. We have a complete production line, including production machines, compound latex plants, logistic systems and also an environmentally friendly plant.

We have own a lot of land in Rayong, and want to expand the production line to 400 production. Therefore there is great hope in joint investment.

Vision CEO

At present, all of us are subjected to one of the biggest obstacle universally with or without the ability to overcome the recession. COVID-19 pandemic has quickly changed the way we commute, the way we interact with each other and the way we live. Amidst the global economic crisis saturated with fear, sorrow and hopelessness, adapting to the new situation is the only way forward. The new normal many of us are adapting are including staying at indoor, work from home avoiding unnecessary travels.

There are challenges to overcome to adjust to the changes. Other than amending to the situation as a business, the response has to be precise and swift. These responses do not only affect the cooperates but also the consumers as a whole. To make the products and the processes safer and efficient for all of us from the production line, distribution and the after-life of the products, everyone is vital for sustainable tradings.

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